Health and safety outsourcing


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Health and safety outsourcing

Health and safety outsourcing

Occupational safety and health is the system concerned with protecting the safety, health and welfare of employees., including the legal, socio - economic, organizational, technical, sanitary , medical and preventive , rehabilitation and other measures (Article 209 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation )

Health and safety outsourcing – is a performance of the functions of occupational health and safety services of the Customer by health and safety experts of external agency


Health and safety outsourcing allows to resolve different types of problems reducing the cost on expert maintenance. Organizations with up to 50 people can work without creating occupational health and safety service which allows not to enter health and safety specialist profession to state. In this case, the functions OSH services are performed by accredited external agency.


Benefits of Outsourcing

In smaller organizations, the scope of work for health and safety is low , so the services of external agency is much cheaper than full-time expert maintenance. In this case the customer does not need to include an additional unit in the state with questionable qualifications.

Moreover , taking advantage of outsourcing , the customer gets a highly- skilled health and safety expert who is always available for rapid consultation , and in cases of emergency (inspection, accident at work ), and in accordance with established operating mode dedicates just such a part of their working time that is needed to provide a complete system of health and safety in the organization of the customer.


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