Occupational Health and safety training


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Occupational Health and safety training

Occupational Health and safety training


HSA Group  accredited by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation (notice of 29.04.2013 № 15-2-1158) conducts training of employers and employees on health and safety with testing of health and safety  requirements knowledge and delivery of identity established form - "Certificate of testing health and safety  requirements knowledge."


Training is conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Russian Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Education of Russia from 13.01.2003 № 1/29 "On approval of health and safety training and testing workers’ knowledge of  health and safety requirements."


Target audience

Executives and health and safety experts

The duration of the course

40 academic hours


By the end of the course persons which passed the test get the certificate - "Certificate of testing health and safety  requirements knowledge." Validity of the document - 3 years


3,000 rubles, 18% VAT incl. Tuition includes a collection of “instructional material “Occupational Health and safety” for course participants”

requirements for participation

Please register and submit by email / fax application form, drawn up in accordance with the attached form (download the application form)

training payment

Is carried out on the basis of an invoice issued to the applicant by means of electronic communications. At the same time applicant gets the contractual documents for registration with an invoice.

Place of training

Moscow Str. Novoryazanskaya, 31/7, b. 23 (M. "Baumanskaya")

For corporate clients

5% discount with the possibility of learning at the Customer



Location map


Exit the station , turn right and go to the narrow road with tram tracks , go through the archway Elokhovskiy passage to pass through the Elokhovskiy passage. See Elokhovskaya Cathedral. Move in the direction of the cathedral about 100 m to the unregulated pedestrian crossing (opposite the Elokhovskaya Cathedral ) , go to the opposite side, go 20 meters to public garden and walk along it until the end of the square. Turn right and see the yellow corner house (street Spartakovskaya, 7 ) , in the end (on the left) of the house - the black iron gates with signs football team "Spartak" . Call the iron door to the right of the gate. - Our building is blue , 2nd Floor, office 207.

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