Occupational safety hazards


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Occupational safety hazards

Occupational safety hazards

Management of occupational safety hazards – is a mechanism that provides safety and workplace conditions improvement

Article from the provisions on occupational safety hazards:

Occupational safety hazards system is part of the OSH management system of the employer and includes the following key elements:

-policy in the field of occupational safety hazards management, objectives and programs to achieve them;

- occupational safety hazards management  plan;

-occupational safety hazards management  procedures;

-functional control of occupational safety hazards ;

-analysis of the efficiency of the occupational safety hazards management  on the part of the employer and its representatives.


The employer shall maintain up to date occupational safety hazards system in accordance with the requirements of provisions on occupational safety hazards.


Requirements for the organization and implementation of occupational safety hazards system procedures.

Employer within the occupational safety hazards management must to provide the functioning of the following procedures:


education and training

occupational  safety hazard identification and  occupational safety hazards assessment ;

occupational safety hazards management ;

occupational safety hazards management documentation;

employees information and their participation;

preparing for emergencies

WARNING: This provisions applies to all employers (except for employers - individuals, not sole proprietor ), regardless of their organizational and legal forms and forms of ownership.


Our company is engaged in the development of procedures related to occupational safety hazards management, which is an important part of the development of OSH management system.


Why it is so important to organize occupational safety hazards management?

Integration into the world community itself changes the approach to government health and safety regulation: instead of strict determination and supervision of implementation we change the rules.

Due to this our position  is maximum usage of regulated by national law procedures (workplace assessment, labor rating, production supervision) in conjunction with the approaches adopted in international practice - first of all, the Guidelines of the International Labour Organization (ILO).


As for the analysis of occupational safety hazards , the scope of issues to be resolved is dictated by the complex nature of occupational safety hazards, their considerable variety, and difficult to predict consequences. Thus, the ILO and WHO experts allocate more than 150 classes of occupational safety hazards and about one thousand of species that pose a real danger to 2 thousand different occupations. It is considered that this classification is incomplete and covers only certain aspects of occupational safety and health .


Many scientists say that complete avoidance of risky situations avoidance of risky situations during the working process is almost impossible.

The level of occupational safety hazards is identified by:

·         probability (frequency for this professional group working for a certain period of time) of occurrence of insured events that lead to the loss of earnings due to accidents at work;

·         species (nosology) and duration of injury to health (disability);

·         a set of compensation payments, medical and rehabilitation services required for the professional group of employees.

Determining the level of occupational safety hazards  workplace conditions assessment is preliminary and must be complemented by assessment of its actual impact on the health of workers with health statistics levels of occupational disease and the severity of their consequences.


Interconnected procedures of occupational safety hazards  management:

·         Identify, assess and record hazardous environment factors (occupational hazard factors).

·         Development and validation events  for the improvement and enhancement of working conditions.

·         Implementation and monitoring of performance measures for the improvement and enhancement of working conditions.

·         Control of occupational hazard factors.

·         Preparation of corrective actions.

Representatives of HSA Group  were trained on subject «occupational safety hazards" by  the International Labour Organization (ILO)

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