Special workplace conditions assessment


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Special workplace conditions assessment



Special workplace conditions assessment - a single set of consistent actions that includes:

  • Identification of potentially harmful and (or) hazardous factors of working  environment and the labor process
  • Assessing the level of impact of the identified factors

What is SWCA for:

  • Identification and assessment of hazards in the workplace (monitoring of working conditions);
  • Employers Exemption from additional insurance premiums ;


Special workplace conditions assessment is required for every workplace.

The exceptions:

1. Workplaces of "homeworkers";

2. Remote workstations (the concept in the federal law is not disclosed).


Special conditions for SWCA for certain categories of workplaces:

-  workplaces that fall into the category of civil and municipal services - special assessment is made in view of the current legislation in the field of state and municipal services;

-  workplaces, work  on which affects the information that is relevant to the current legislation information containing state secrets - a special assessment is carried out under existing legislation on state secrets.


Order of assessment actions:

1. The identification of hazards (expert organization is conducting a special assessment of working conditions);

2. Conducting of instrumental measurements in the workplace, where they were found (identified) harmful and (or) dangerous occupational factors;

3. filling the documents with the  results of SWCA;


4. Provision of reports on the results of the special assessment to the database of authorized state bodies.

Validity of materials of special assessment - 5 years.

Documentation on workplace assessment that occurred before 31.12.2013 are valid for the duration of their action (5 years).



1. Physical factors;

2. Chemical factors;

3. Biological factors;

4. The severity of the labor process;

5. The intensity of the labor process.


Employer responsibilities

1. Ensure SWCA;

2. Provide the necessary documents to organization conducting special assessment;

3. Inform the employee in writing with the results of a special assessment;

4. Provide the employee an explanation of the special assessment;

5. Implement health and safety events to improve working conditions.


Status of worker

1. Personal contribution in SWCA;

2. Apply to the employer for an explanation of the SWCA procedure;

3. Appeal the results of the SWCA;

4. Must see the results of SWCA.



Unscheduled special workplace conditions assessment:

1. Commissioning of the newly organized workplaces;

2. Obtaining an order of State Labour Inspectorate;

3. Process change;

4. Changing the composition of the raw materials used and (or) materials;

5. The change in the level of personal protective equipment;

6. The presence of an accident;

7. The presence of a reasoned proposal of the union.

Unscheduled special assessment is conducted for 6 months from the date of occurrence of factors above.



1. According to the results of identification of working environment hazards;

2. Issued by the employer - is registered in the State Labour Inspectorate;

3. Validity - 5 years (in the absence of accidents - the extension of 5 years).


Documents drawn from a special assessment of working conditions

(issued in the form of the report)

1. Information about the organization, carrying out special pricing conditions;

2. The list of workplaces on which the special assessment was carried out;

3. Maps of special assessment;

4. The study protocols and measurement of potentially harmful and (or) hazards;

5. Protocols of the effectiveness of personal protective equipment (PPE);

6. A summary statement of the results of the special assessment;

7. A list of recommended actions to improve working conditions.

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