Workplace assessment


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Workplace assessment

Workplace assessment -  a set of activities carried out to assess the working conditions at the workplace, to identify harmful and hazardous working environments, as well as to bring working conditions in line with the requirements of legislative acts of the Russian Federation.

Workplace assessment is required for all workplaces of the employer, registered as an individual entrepreneur or legal entity.

Workplace assessment is conducted by the head of the company in conjunction with certification organizations, engaged for the work under the contract of civil nature. Certification organizations can only be only accredited legal entity that provides services of workplace assessment.

Certification organizations should be independent in relation to the client.


Functions of certification company:

• providing leadership and control over all stages of the assessment ;

• Formation of the documentation required for the assessment and the organization of its study;

• drawing up a list of workplaces with the release of similar workplaces, an indication of the labor process

• Preparation of proposals to bring titles of positions and professions employees of the organization in line with the requirements of the Single wage-rate workplaces;

• assigning each position the individual number ;

• signing and filling out cards of assessment;

• Preparation of proposals for amendments and additions to the contract of employment (if applicable);

• Development of the plan to bring working conditions in line with the requirements of the state legislative acts in the field of occupational safety


The order of workplace assessment actions:

For the organization of workplace assessment  the head of the organization creates Certification Commission, as well as set a schedule of workplace assessment. The structure of certification Commission includes:

• Representatives from the employer;

• health and safety specialist;

• representatives of trade union organizations;

• Representatives from certification organizations;

• chairman of certification commission - a representative of the employer.


The order of workplace assessment is specified in the Order of the Health Ministry of Russia № 342n "On Approval of the Procedure for workplace assessment " of 26 April 2011 [3] years and involves a comprehensive assessment of the working conditions in accordance with the following requirements:


• assessment of working conditions according to hygiene requirements;

• assessment of injury risk;

• Assessment of provision workers with personal protective equipment;

• comprehensive assessment of the working conditions.


Time limits of workplace assessment


Time limits of workplace assessment established by the employer based on the fact that every workplace should be assessed at least once every five years. This period of time is counted from the date of completion of the previous assessment.

For the start date of the next certification is taken date of publication of the employer's order on confirmation of certification committee and graphic of assessment works.

workplace assessment of the newly established workplaces should be started no later than 60 working days after they are put into operation.

According to the Order of the Ministry of Labour of Russia from December 12, 2012 № 590n. Russian Ministry of Justice registered 6 February 2013 number 26881. Workplace certification is required to workplaces with  harmful or dangerous working conditions.


Unscheduled workplace certification

Unscheduled workplace certification  is required in next cases:

• commissioning of the newly organized workplaces;

• As a result of state workplace assessment, conducted in order to assess the quality of the workplace certificatioin

• Implementation of measures to bring the working conditions at the plant in compliance with the applicable regulations in the field of occupational safety and health , as well as improved working conditions ;

• replacement of production equipment ;

• changes in the technological process;

• replacement of collective defense.

Conducting and processing the results of unscheduled workplace certification carried out by the same standards that are required to planned workplace assessment.




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